Trailer Reaction: Kingdom Hearts III

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This trailer for Kingdom Hearts III is based in the world of Toy Story and … wow.

So, my main impression from this trailer is that it visually looks amazing. I remember reading an opinion from a video game journalist around the time that the original Kingdom Hearts game came out which stated that we shouldn’t expect the video games of the future to look like a Pixar movie. But I’d say that this is pretty darned close, possibly even better. I mean, look at Woody! Look at Buzz! Look at Andy’s bedroom! Sora, Donald, and Goofy are also looking pretty dope as toys.

The gameplay reminds me very much of the two earlier games and I think it will translate well to modern systems. My one concern about this game is surprisingly the story. The first two Kingdom Hearts games were somewhat known for having a compelling story and likable characters. But I feel like our standards of what makes a good story in a video game have changed so much in the last decade or so that this game will really have to step it up if it still wants to be regarded as strong in that respect. The ending scene of this trailer is just reminding me how convoluted the story of Kingdom Hearts II was with its Organization XIII and its Nobodies and Heartless. I mean, I hope that this game doesn’t try to substitute story and character development with a bunch of mumbo jumbo about “one heart’s shadows filling the emptiness of another”. Because I don’t think that type of thing will go down as easily as it did in 2006.

Still, this is a very good trailer and I’m super excited to play Kingdom Hearts III which now has a release date of 2018 (we’ll see – I expect to play it in about 2020).

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