Trailer Reaction: Ready Player One

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One of many great trailers to come out at SDCC was for Ready Player One which is based on the book by Ernest Cline (yeah, I’ve read it) and is directed by Steven Spielberg.

This one is super exciting. This trailer is really well put together and if the movie is anywhere near this good, then it will be a huge hit. The trailer sets up the main character and the world he inhabits beautifully within the first thirty seconds or so. I mean, when you see the community where he lives and then you see the OASIS, the fact that the “missing millions” would want to spend all their time in the OASIS makes perfect sense. The OASIS has that slight video game vibe, but it’s a video game amped up 1000% from anything that we are familiar with today.

I love the look of this movie. A different director might have leaned too far into the 1980s thing and made the movie look like a retro theme party. But here, there are those pop culture references, but this is very obviously a future and a world that is in many ways unfamiliar to the viewer. The visual effects also look absolutely stunning. And yeah, everyone who watches this movie is going to have fun spotting as many pop culture references as they can (Freddy Krueger! The Iron Giant! A DeLorean!). I also think that this is the rare movie that can incorporate those types of references in a way that feels organic to the plot. It makes perfect sense that this future virtual reality/video game would have a bunch of people running around with movie characters as avatars.

I also love the song choice here. The song that starts playing when we are first shown the OASIS is either a remix or else very reminiscent of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka which is a very appropriate choice if the movie is anything like the book. Then, we hear the song “Tom Sawyer” by Rush which pretty well perfect because it ties into the 1980s theme, sets the mood, and has lyrics that work with the story.

I love how this trailer changes tone several times and yet each part of it manages to capture my attention. You’ve got the melancholy mood in the beginning as we’re shown where the Wade lives, then there’s a feeling of wonder and excitement as we’re shown the OASIS, then the pace picks up and the trailer becomes fun, but also a bit dangerous with the car chase. And that key at the end!

Yeah, I have no complaints about this trailer. A quality trailer isn’t a sure sign of a quality movie, of course, but this one exceeded my already high expectations for this movie. Ticket sold.

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