5 Ways That Gilmore Girls Revival Made Its Main Characters Unlikable

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Gilmore Girls Revival as well as for all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

Fandom, I have really mixed feelings about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival. On the one hand, I think that it’s as good as we could have reasonably expected a reunion mini-series to be. It has its bumps and quirks, but many of the scenes do manage to recapture the magic of the original. Gilmore Girls’ unique style of “fast talking” pop culture-laden humor is on prominent display and is generally used to good effect. I also appreciated that the show didn’t offer a view of the characters living charmed, perfect lives ten years on from the original, but instead gave them legitimate struggles to overcome. The Revival does have its faults – many of the cameos from the show’s regulars feel forced and a few of the scenes (the Life and Death Brigade appearance, Lorelei’s wedding) have a bizarro, fake feeling that made me legitimately wonder if the characters had slipped into a drug-induced dream.

As usual, Liza Weil’s Paris Geller is one of the highlights of the show.

I can forgive Gilmore Girls Revival most of its flaws easily enough. After all, a few odd scenes are a small price to pay to spend more time with these characters. But Gilmore Girls Revival has one flaw that I have a much more difficult time forgiving – at times, it makes Lorelei and Rory into intensely unlikable characters. They aren’t unlikable all the time, but when they go unlikable, they go hardcore.

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