Three Reasons You Should Read The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley

Whelp, The Stars are Legion was an awesome book. Honestly, I had been stuck in a slump of reading mediocre books for several months, so to  find this gem of a novel was the best thing to happen to me since that new frozen yogurt place opened up down the street. As I was attempting to write a straight review of this book, I realized that I didn’t have anything negative to say about it … which is a real rarity for me – not because I’m constantly negative or anything, but because I have a wee bit of a tendency to overanalyze media. If I was forced to level a criticism, then I might say that the first 25% of the book was paced slowly, but this is true of so many novels that are amazing that I think taking a lot of time to set things up can often make a story better. I could just rave about all the many things about this book that are awesome all day … but in the interest of not writing a 10,000 word essay, I’ve decided to just list three things that I found particularly great about this book. Continue reading “Three Reasons You Should Read The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley”

5 Revolutionary Ways That Life Is Strange Portrays Female Characters

With the three-part prequel to Life Is Strange dropping soon, I’ve been thinking a lot about the original game and what made it so great. Specifically, I’ve been thinking of all the revolutionary ways that the series portrayed female characters. And look, I’m not saying that Life is Strange was a perfect bastion of diversity and inclusiveness – notably, most of the characters are white and the series manages to throw in the dead lesbians trope. But problems notwithstanding, this game does several fairly radical things when it comes to its portrayal of gender that I would like to see more in games. And it is not just that the main character is a girl – it’s the specific way that female characters and gender are portrayed throughout the game. Continue reading “5 Revolutionary Ways That Life Is Strange Portrays Female Characters”