12 Coloring Books For Your Inner Geek

I’ve been into the whole adult coloring thing for some time now. I am not talented in the visual arts but that’s part of the reason that these are so great. Coloring allows you to add your own bit of flair to an existing piece of art without worrying overly much that you’re doing it wrong. Which is not to say that real artists can’t enjoy coloring books as well – I’ve seen some truly gorgeous colored pictures in my day. But for me, coloring is just a relaxing hobby that helps me deal with any extra stress. Naturally, I was thrilled when geeky franchises started getting into the adult coloring game.

But there are so many of these things! So much coloring, so little time. With that in mind, I made this list of 12 geeky coloring books that are definitely worth your time.

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Shelob is a Sexy Lady Because Some Game Developers Just Like to Watch the World Burn


It’s 2017. Donald Trump is president. The Emoji Movie is a thing that exists. And Shelob, the giant spider from Lord of the Rings, is a sexy lady because some game developers just like to watch the world burn. From Middle-Earth: Shadow of War:

I mean, okay, it doesn’t actually look that bad. I guess I could look on the bright side here and say that Monolith is just trying to add some female representation? Shelob looks like a fairly cliché femme fatale villain, but cliché storylines were pretty standard in Shadow of Mordor (see: Talion, the grizzled anti-hero dude with the fridged family) and that was still an enjoyable enough game.

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Bizarre Fan Theories Examined: Gollum Murdered Frodo’s Parents

Bizarre Fan Theories Examined is a segment that takes some of the most unusual fan theories from across the internet and analyzes them based on the evidence.

This post may contain spoilers for The Lord of the Rings books and movies.


I first ran across this theory a few years ago on a Lord of the Rings fan forum. It’s one of those theories that sounds completely crazy, but that has a surprising amount of circumstantial evidence to back it up. I mean, obviously the books don’t directly support it or it wouldn’t be a “bizarre fan theory.” And we’re unlikely to get any sort of Word of God statement on this one because as far as I can tell, Tolkien never addressed it and he’s been deceased for decades. Most people seem to dismiss this theory out of hand, but I like to chew it over from time to time … partly because I think it would be an interesting detail thematically. Continue reading “Bizarre Fan Theories Examined: Gollum Murdered Frodo’s Parents”